June 12, 2011

London ♥

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Back in April I was in London over the weekend because a good friend of mine did some job application stuff there and I accompanied and helped her. It was my second time in London and it was really great! I love London, just a great city! We stayed in a hotel beside the Wembley-Stadion and while we were in London, some big soccer-match was being held:

The weather was really nice, a little bit cloudy but also sunny! The perfect sight-seeing weather! We went to the Tower Bridge, Oxford Circle, TrafalquaSquare, etc. Here are some photos:

I didn't shop a lot because I was on a short budget lol I just got some lip products (because those products aren't avaiable in my city) and the famous John Frieda's "3-day-straight" (for only 3,50pounds, it was a special deal!):

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