April 30, 2013

Travel Diary: Paris, France

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Here are some pics from my recent trip to Paris. It was my little sister's birthday and I know how much she loves to see new cities, so I invited her to a short trip to Paris! We stayed for 3 nights / 4 days and our hotel was nicely located.
    On our way to our hotel and the subway station Sacre Coeur
Our first stop was Sacre Coeur, a beautiful cathedral which is located on a hill. You'll have an amazing view over Paris up there. The entry in the Sacre Coeur is for free, so I highly recommend to visit this area. On your way from the subway Station to the Sacre Coeur you'll find plenty of cute little shops! 

Sacre Coeur and the view from up there
I never visited Centre Pompidou, so I wanted to check it out this trip. It's the modern Museum of Art in Paris, and a friend of mine highly recommended it. We went there on a Wednesday, just to find out that it's CLOSED on every Wednesday...oh well, maybe next time!

Centre Pompidou and the metropolitain (subway)

And of course, no trip to Paris is completed without visiting the famous Eiffeltower and Notre-Dame. We didn't go up the Eiffeltower, because I'm extremely afraid of heights and I just couldn't do it. You can either walk the stairs (doesn't cost a thing besides sweating your ass off) or you can pay for the elevator and choose where you want to get off (there are three floors). But we did get up to Notre-Dame (it was free because we were students, and the entry to the Cathedral Notre-Dame is for free for everybody), and my sister took some amazing photos. I love the parisien Gargoyles who watch over the city! Next we visitied Louvre because Mona Lisa expected us to visit her. Right by the subway Station Louvre there is a big shopping mall and from there you can enter the Louvre Museum as well. The Louvre Museum is hella big, and I'm sure you'll need more than two days to visit all the exhibition but as said before we only wanted to see Mona Lisa.

View from Notre-Dame and Tour de Eiffel

View from Notre-Dame and Mona Lisa at Louvre


Tour de Eiffel

Tour de Eiffel

On the last day we visited the Castle of Versailles. We planned one whole day for visiting Versailles because it's located outside of Paris. We didn't want to take a taxi, because we wanted to save some money. So we had to take three different buses to get there. It took us about one hour to get there, but it was worth it!
Castle of Versailles

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