November 10, 2013

Hereafter by Tara Hudson

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The cover of this book is pretty much amazing, and it drew my attention. The plot was interesting enough, although I'm not a big fan of ghoststories, I thought the story sounded intriguing. So I gave it a try.

It's a first-person book (Amelia's POV) and although I'm a huge fan of alternating POVs (if they are well written), I really liked Amelia's voice.
I loved the beginning. Amelia is dead, that's the only thing she really knows and the fact that she died drowning in a river. She doesn't remember anything, isn't able to tell time or interact with living people. So basically she wanders around, completely alone. One day she saves a boy named Joshua from drowning in the exact same river, and somehow they connected and he is able to see her. Together they try to solve the mystery of Amelia's death.

Like I said, the beginning was awesome. The story kept me on my toes because I simply wanted to know what happened to this poor girl. The scenes where Amelia felt lost, alone and empty were really well written. I love when the first chapters of a book ensnare the reader into the story and they convey how terrifying and disturbing Amelia's nightmares really are.

I wished that the plot would have concentrated more on Amelia's mystery around her death rather than her romance with the sleeping pill, aah I mean Joshua. It was rather unbelieving after his nearly deathly accident to accept Amelia as a ghost so quickly and easily. Oh, and did I mentioned that he fell in love with Amelia at first sight because she was oh so pretty. Yeah, needless to say, that bugged me. A lot.

And there is Eli, the villain, who - yes you guessed right - wants Amelia for his own Although it somehow sounds like a love-triangle, there really isn't one (thank God).

The story is your typical paranormal romance with a hint of fantasy. The story itself is beautiful and captivating (I'm talking about Amelia's death), but the romance felt flat for me. Somehow I also missed a plot-twist that left you speechless.

"It was the same as always, but different from the first time. It felt as if my Sternum was a door into which someone had roughly shoved a key and twisted."

 “My sense of direction would be the death of me. Metaphorically, at least.” 
3 of 5 stars

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