November 04, 2010

A new Family Member ♥

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This summer my family got a little puppy. We named him Mowgli (the kid from the disney's junglebook) and he is such a cute boy! We didn't plan on getting a dog ... but life always throughs a pleasant curve ... my parents found the little puppy together with another one, who unfortunately was already dead. They were in a tiny little box beside a playground ... how cruel can people be? We took the little one to a vet and after some medicine, food and sleep he is now a strong healthy boy! So we decided to keep him since my sister always wanted a too by the way! I love dogs...much more than cats :) But enough of talking, now I'll show you some cute pictures of Mowgli:
Click on the picture to enlarge them! Now he is a lot bigger but unfortunately I don't have any new photos of him on my computer. He won't stay that small, he'll be at least knee-high. Oh and he is a "German-Deer-Pinscher"...sorry I don't know the exact english translation lol

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