November 11, 2010

Travel Diary: Rome, Italy

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Today I want to write about my adventures in Rome this year in May. It was kind of a "birthday trip" because during my one-week stay in Rome I celebrated my birthday. That was really nice! I love italian people and italian food haha But unfortunately the trip ended in a little disaster for me. But first I'll show you some pictures:

The first few days the weather was really was raining all the time although it was pretty warm though (average was 25°C). So my pictures look a little bit dull lol there is no sunny glow. You can see the famous colosseum above. It was a really nice place. Really amazing and impressing.

I can tell you the shopping in Rome is just amazing. And in comparison to my city it's a lot cheaper. It was just great! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my purchases because it was way back in may and I mostly bought things for my mum and sister haha But don't worry I treated myself too with some great founds lol

One thing that was really scary: the traffic! OMG we took a cab from the airport to our bed and breakfast place and it was my worst nightmare haha. I mean I experienced the traffic in Kairo and thought that was the worst place to drive a car but after Rome I changed my opinion lol One thing that was really hard to achieve in Rome: crossing a street! Because the drivers don't care about you. They would seriously ignore you. So we always waited till some people clustered at the pedestrian crossing haha that was really hilarious!

You will need several days to visit all the tourist attractions in this great city: the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi fountain, the Forum Romanum, the Spanish steps, as well as many other monuments and excavations. And of course plan one extra day for shopping haha you'll need it!

So at the middle of our trip (at our 3rd day) was my birthday. We spent the day shopping, visiting the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps and walking through this amazing city. In the evening we went home and we decided to take a nap before we are going clubbing. Well and there it happens. I was lying in my bed for about an hour and as I wanted to go to the bathroom I couldn't stand on my left feet. So my worst nightmare began. Since then I couldn't walk or even stand because it f* hurt so much. So I paniced a little bit lol but my friend stayed calm and brought me to a hospital that was near our appartment. But that was useless because they didn't understand a word in the hospital even though my friend spoke a little bit italian. They believed that I falled or broke my feet. But obviously I didn't because I was just lying in my bed! So I get nervous because my feet was getting worse and worse and it looked like a zombie feet. So the next morning my dear friend called our embassy and they gave us the number of a german doctor that would understand us. So to end this story: I got a serious infection (out of a blister I had on my feet) and on top I had a blood poisoning. Well with that my lovely trip was over! I had to stay in bed for the rest of the week and I wasn't able to celebrate my birthday or to enjoy the city. I also couldn't visit the Vatican. So well, what I remember the most are my red crutches lol and the italian word "stampella" (crutches) lol because I couldn't keep the red ones for the flight and so my dear friend and I were searching the whole city for crutches. But well I don't blame it on Rome! Nevertheless I love Rome and I'll come back hopefully without any doctor visits or hunting crutches.

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Mia said...

omg what a get ill in a foreign city. but well it's a pity that you couldn't spent the last days in Rome partying and shopping but more important: you're fine now (: btw great pics!

xoxo mia

strawberrykiss on November 12, 2010 at 11:06 PM said...

yeah it really was!
thank you :)


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