March 30, 2013

Travel Diary: Rovaniemi, Finland

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Rovaniemi (Lappia) is located in North-Finland and is mostly famous for: the Santa Claus village and its location at the arctic circle. It's a 9 hours train ride from Helsinki.

Right behind the trainstation there was a fleamarket and we decided to get some food. Fins are obsessed with pancakes, so of course we ordered some with icecream and coffee!

We then walked around the city, the weather was quite beautiful (20°C in August, don't expect higher temperatures during summer). We passed the University of Rovaniemi (first pic above).

We then took a bus to the Santa Claus Village, which is directly located at the arctic circle. The Santa Claus Village was a little bit dissappointing, maybe because it was the middle of summer and the sun was shining (but there was a Husky farm!!). But we finally made it to the arctic circle and took tons of photos:

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