April 27, 2013

Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

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I thought I would love Delirium and I was hooked in the beginning, but unfortunately I just couldn't get into it. The beginning was promising, but the story was so slow and boring, almost throughout the whole book. I liked the ending though (the best part of the whole book!) and the great ending is the only reason why I will read the second book Pandemonium.
Why I couldn't give this book more than two stars? Beside the slow pacing, I didn't like the heroine, Lena. Ugh, I couldn't connect with her at all and maybe that's the reason why I didn't get too much into the story. I wished Hana would have been the main character, because I absolutely loved her! I hope there will be a lot of Hana in the next books!
To top it off, the whole concept of love/the world building didn't really impress me. I felt like some major key elements were left out, I would have liked more explanations and information about this dystopian world. Living 18/19 years and being able to love/hate and to build up feelings, feel emotions, etc. and then  to start a new life with no emotions at all, sorry, but I couldn't imagine it. I think the whole world would sink into chaos, because where does it end? People wouldn't even care about anything. And children growing up without any kind of love but being able to love? Aaand why and who decided to outlaw love? Although it's forbidden to whisper the word love or think about it, there where several scenes in the book where Lena said she loves running or she/he loves children...
I hope that the second book will have some answers.

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