May 31, 2013

Monthly Reading List: May 2013

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I've read 9 books in May: 1 e-ACR, 2 short stories, 1 free Amazon e-book and 5 paperbacks!
Sora's Quest
 T.L. Shreffler

5 stars
Adrienne Kress

3,5 stars
Blood Past
Samantha Young

4 stars
Jessica Sorensen

4 stars
The Witch's Betrayal
C.R. Clarke

4 stars
Brigid Kemmerer

5 stars

Holly Black

2 stars
J.L. Armentrout

3 stars
Walking Disaster
Jamie McGuire

1 stars

Walking Disaster was the biggest disappointment EVER! I felt betrayed and I was furious after I've finished reading it. It was meant to be the same story as Beautiful Disaster just from Travis' POV, I know that, BUT it was like reading Beautiful Disaster all over again. There were like two new scenes we didn't get in Beautiful Disaster, the rest felt like Copy-Paste-Publish!

My favourite book of May was definitely Sora's Quest by T.L. Sheffler! I can't wait to read the second book! If you liked the Graceling Series or Slumber by Samantha Young, I'm sure you'll love Sora's Quest

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