October 23, 2013

Top Ten Character Names

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Names are important, really important. Although they are important to most readers I don't tend to include them in my rating. Actually, I've rated all the books down below with 5* although I couldn't stand the names of Wolfe, Malachi or Po. But first, let's do my fav names:

Karou/Akiva: I love their names. They sound melodically and go perfectly together.
Ren/Calla: Again, I love them. They are short and pregnant, and especially Ren's name fits perfectly to Ren's character. I couldn't imagine any other name for Ren. Just perfect.
Hazel: I absolutely adore this name. Enough said.
Ananna/Naji: First, I wasn't too sure about Ananna's name, because it's a real tongue-twister, but somehow it stuck with me and I liked the sound of it. The same goes with Naji. I love the oriental touch to their names.
Celaena/Chaol: Really unique names that fit perfectly to the characters. I'm not sure how to pronounce them correctly, but it doesn't matter, because in my head they sound beautiful.
I don't hate the following names (except Po, I can't handle this name), but rather find them unusual, not fitting or just stupid.
Po: Argh, although I loved Graceling I really struggled with the name of Po. Mainly because Po means "ass" in german...yeah, so imagine you read a book where you automatically think of "ass" while reading the character's name over and over again. Not pleasant.
Wolfe: I didn't like the name Wolfe, but his last name Stovia made up for his stupid first name.
Malachi: While reading Sanctum I seriously switched the pronounciation of Malachi everytime I read his name. I wasn't too fond of his name.
Ongraygeeomryn: Yes, I had to look this up. Of course, this name fits perfectly to the character, it's just impossible to read. Go ahead and try to read it out loud.
Gus: I have nothing against the name of Augustus, but I can't stand his nickname Gus. Sorry Hazel.

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