January 03, 2014

Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando

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I received this e-ARC for free on netgalley.com (Thank you!) and in exchange I will do an honest review.

Ok, so I guess somehow everyone can relate to this book, no matter where he or she attended college/university. For me, I connected with BOTH girls. First year I attended University in my hometown while still living with my parents and siblings, next two years I lived abroad and oh my gosh, I could totally relate to all those e-mail related things, not the who-brings-the-microwave things but omg-please-let-us-be-bff things haha and I registered for a SINGLE too in the beginning haha and then I got the letter that told me I would be living together with two other girls (from England and Czech Republic) and ... it was the best time of my life! So yeah, this book brought all the good (and bad haha) memories back!
I liked that the book's ending was left open. Whilst this would annoy certain readers, I think this ending was the best. So, there might be hope that these authors will return to this story? I definitely hope so!

"Sometimes there are signs. Or things I can't help but interpret as signs. Maybe from fate or the universe or God, if there is one. Or maybe from the grandmother I barely knew but who I've always been told is in heaven. Watching and judging. Like Santa."

“Life is one of those experiments meant to be conducted in a stimulating, messy environment.”

4 of 5 stars

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